We pursue innovation strategies for inclusive and sustainable growth by applying emerging technologies.

Our platform


are innovation activities providing strategic guidance supported by the community's advanced competencies and tools to make you fulfill your inclusive and sustainable growth objectives.


is our selected network of researchers, experts, and mentors from the world of innovation, bringing together startups, established companies and institutions.


based on emerging technologies such as Generative Artificial Intelligence to validate the real impact of innovation during the design-to-execution process.

Our manifesto

In our time of historical acceleration, we believe in inclusive design as the approach to financial, social, and environmental prosperity.

We believe in social exchange, cultural freedom and respectful ethic as the fundamental principles to drive the adoption of exponential technologies

We believe in circularity applied to economy, from services to products, as being the answer to the drift of consumption

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The Future of Work

The future of work represents a significant challenge for Next Present. In the age of exponential technologies, the contribution of human capabilities to economic development is being profoundly redefined, with a substantial impact on society. As innovations such as Artificial Intelligence are introduced on a large scale, how we create value, connect, and engage in new activities will be changed entirely.

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