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The Next Present Platform provides connection with a selected network of researchers, experts and mentors from the world of innovation. The Network offers specific competences and expertise to analyse different scenarios and to formulate guidelines for the achievement of business objectives within the different Next Present Programmes.

Our network Profiles


Entrepeneurs and CEOs who have covered apex roles or who have led multiple business functions for strategic and cross-functional interventions on growth, turnaround, sustainability, governance, internationalization, and operations, providing top management with a "doing" oriented approach.


Experts in corporate operational finance, management control, controllers, treasury managers who have worked in leading multinational corporations, listed companies and family businesses to support companies at times of transformation by combining expertise, immediately applicable operational skills, relationships and strategic vision.


Experts in new technologies to guide the company through digital transformation with strategic methods and high-impact operational solutions across all business areas. Process optimization, new products, ROI maximization with a lean and data-driven approach.


Legal members of the Network have worked in managing the legal departments of large companies and are therefore a very important support for the affiliated ventures, following all legal issues from the company's point of view, supervising them and optimizing their costs and results.


Growth members who are part of Next Present network are typically senior executives with a deep understanding of the latest growth strategies and best practices. They are skilled at identifying new market opportunities, developing growth strategies, and executing on those strategies through effective business development, sales, and marketing programs. They are also effective at communicating with stakeholders at all levels of an organization, building relationships, and collaborating with other executives to drive organizational performance.


Inclusion members who are part of the Next Present Network are typically experienced diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) executives with a deep understanding of the latest DEI practices and strategies. They may have a background in human resources, organizational development, or a related field, and possess a strong track record of success in developing and executing DEI programs that drive positive change and promote inclusive organizational cultures. They are skilled at assessing an organization's DEI performance, developing DEI strategies.


Sustainability members of Next Present Network  have a background in environmental science, sustainability, or a related field, and possess a strong track record of success in developing and executing sustainability programs that drive positive social and environmental impact while also enhancing business value. They are skilled at assessing an organization's sustainability performance, developing sustainability strategies and implementing programs.

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The path to membership includes curricular criteria and a rigorous selection process, which includes a series of reference checks, numerous interviews and subscription to the Next Present Manifesto.