Startups for the next present

We provide evolution programs that help startups scale their businesses and achieve their full potential, from idea validation to growth and scaling.

Our Platform enables funding, mentorship, training, and networking opportunities tailored to the specific needs of each startup in order to identify and execute the best strategies for success.

If your Startup envision a future of prosperity based on sustainability and inclusion through the development and application of emerging technologies, you can submit to become part of our programs in order to access all the Next Present Platform services and network.

Are you ready to join us?

We seek Sustainability and Inclusion driven ideas.

Our startup evaluation framework goes beyond the financial success of the venture while measuring the direct benefits to users, the environment, and on society. Only the startups founded on a give-back inspiration are selected.

We work by the ethics of emerging Technologies.

Our startups are driven by ethics. We all live in the age of instability, caused by the continuous tides of technology driven disruption. Next Present takes care of business inclusion as much as cultural inclusion, being aware that as new opportunities come, new responsibilities arise as well.

We are game changers, so our Startups too.

Next Present acts as a game changer, bravely investing in like-minded people united in the same daring vision of the future. We are looking for disruptive idea bearers and future builders.