In our time of historical acceleration, we believe in inclusive design as the approach to financial, social, and environmental prosperity.

We believe in social exchange, cultural freedom and respectful ethic as the fundamental principles to drive the adoption of emerging technologies.

We believe in circular approach to economy, from services to products, as being the answer to the drift of sustainability.

The Next Present Manifesto

Acknowledging the complexity of our interconnected world and the urgent need for sustainable solutions to complex challenges, we commit to:

1. Unite and expand a community of innovators with a shared vision and commitment to building prosperity based on inclusivity and diversity.

2. Use emerging technologies to uncover the new dimensions of meaning and the new purposes of the change they convey.

3. Encourage experimentation, learning, and risk-taking to foster an environment of creativity and support the development of impactful solutions.

4. Embrace and diffuse circular practices to foster sustainability founded on the responsible use of resources.